The Richard Turley Sexual Abuse in Scouts


Kannibalfest – Back in the 1970s and 1980’s, Pedophile Richard Turley was involved in the scouts from across Carolina to British Columbia, abusing at least 8 Under aged scouts. This case are only a few from the 80 cases ever recorded in canada back in 1950s, with the total of more than 300 children were sexually abused by the leaders while they’re on the hunt. The crimes commited by these pedophiles are varies from the possessions of child pornos to sexually assaulting the childrens. 

In 1975, Richard Turley stole a single engine cessna and kidnapped a boy named Ed-Idris an 11 year old who lived in La Puente, California. They met earlier while he visited a local scouts, and Turley came to his home telling his mom to show the boy around town. Truly first took the boy to a single fun day tour, and by the night they slept in the car, The boy slept through that frightful night while Turley began molesting him. The morning after, Turley stole a Cessna plane, while kidnapping the boy and forced to land because the plane was low on gas. Turley were put on a trial afterwards and pleaded guilty for child stealing, afterwards he sent to state hospital because him were labelled as a mentally disorderd sex offender. 

18 months after Richard Turley Arrival at the Patton State Hospital, he was released back to society and the judge ordered a report for probation if he entered the U.S and ordered him to return to Canada Immediately. A year after, he returned to South California to work at a boy scout which was located nearby San Diego, for 3 years he worked for Lost Valley scout camp. In July 1979, Turley stayed with three boys from the Orange Country Troop and the molestation of those 3 boys began. The morning after, one of the boys tells his father a scoutmaster about the horror. Later, Turley was confronted by the Camp Director, and he immediately return to Canada, while the report said that Turley returned to Canada due to attend family matters. 

The parents of the 3 victims agreed not to press charges, in one condition, which is demanding him to leave and never to return to scouting ever again. The Controversies came in such manners that no one reported to the police about the abuse, rather to cover it. While being interviewed in Alberta Motel, Turley Said that the abuse wouldn’t happened for years if the parents reporting him to the police, yet he went back to the south over and over again as a leader and again offending many of the boys until they tell their parents.

By the August 1979, Turley returned to Victoria, and in a short time he begun leading a local scouts again. Turley usually took the troops on a camping trips at least once or twice a month, and again he lured the boys to his warm tent, offering them protection and comforts. He often doing skinny-dip with the boys and make them drink alcohol before molesting them. 

Even this sexual abuse occasionally occurs in his home back in victoria, with a cupboard filled with candies, Ice creams, alcohols, and porns. One of the boys said that the troops usually came to turley’s home after doing some scoutings. In 1988, Truly once more assaulted a child in a public pool, and he was sentenced to only 30 days of prison and this time he was banned from associating with youth groups. 

7 years later, police began investigating Turley not after The Boy Scouts of America created Perversion file, 16 years later and his name were put on their Confidential list a decade later. Suspicious Girlfriend of his who puts him in a real trial, and in 1996 he was convicted sexaully assaulted 4 boys, and 3 were scouts, plus later admitted that he molested at least a dozen more. Turley then sentenced a 5 years of prison and 7 years of supervised parole, which he has completed in 2009. 

For now, thanks to the sex-offender rehabilitations program that he underwent his sexual urges are in control. Since 1997,  Canada scouts required police record checks, including reference checks and special screening interviews for the adult volunteers and staff, and also Scouts Canada created a so-called “ Two-Deep-Rule” requiring 2 fully screened and registered leaders to be present with the boys all the time.

According to Tim Kosnoff, a lawyer who already read the U.S “ Perversion File” said that The U.S Boy Scouts chose not to report to the police when child molesters appear, and chose to noting them in their own notebook. Turley himself says that if he was a parent, he would never put his kids in scouts.”

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