Videoart Submissions

Open call for Video-artists


We are interested in knowing your “cannibal attitude”
towards issues such as global systems of overconsumption,
serious environmental damages, open pit mines, global warming,
pollution, involuntary resettlements,
overseas contracted sweatshop factories and modern slavery
and plastic waste islands in the Pacific.

For Short Film and Videoart applications

Fill in the following form:

Concept of the video art program for the Kannibalfest 2018.

On this occasion, video art is a means to express your resistance against cannibalizing everything.

The avid imagination for devouring every kind of knowledge and experience could be the path to an incredible blooming of poetry,
but here we are talking about something very different:
our human desire for “development” at all costs and the awareness that our massive acts in the real world sometimes have no return.

What kind of producer, consumer or cannibal are you?

Great decisions have been made, hundreds of natural scenarios are nowadays in the midst of an unprecedented process of productive transformation, communities and ecosystems are being affected, the “creative hand” of the industry in these acts seem not to have the same awareness and sensitivity of the Land art artists.
So we want to ask the artists:
What kind of vision do we have for the future as active agents in the creation of reality?
Which vigorous actions are we doing from the poetic to inspire?

by Perspicax Collective. (Julián Santana + Katherine León)

For short film and video art applications, fill in the following form:

Please send us an email with the subject: “Kannibal videoart” to with copy to, with a link to your portfolio or files showcasing your work. Youtube or Vimeo links are also accepted for the application (Please do not forget to send us file passwords, If necessary).

Terms and conditions
1. Application deadline for videoart and experimental cinema is July 30, 2018. The Festival will start August 2018.
2. Artists must own the rights to all the work they submit.
3. Video artists of all nationalities are welcome.
4. KANNIBAL FEST does not require the exclusivity of the submitted works. They may have been premiered or have participated in other contests, festivals or screenings, be already available online, etc. You are still welcome to apply.
5. Short films that are not spoken in German or English must have German or English subtitles.
6. We recommend you submit videos with a maximum duration of 5 minutes. However, all videos will be taken into account for the selection.
7. Each author can submit as many video art films as desired.
8. Selection: The final and unappealable decision of the selection committee will be announced during the second week of August 2018.

9. The video art projects selected may be exhibited at the festival and any of their showings in Berlin or the rest of the world, with advanced notice to the filmmakers.
10. KANNIBAL FEST and PERSPICAX COLLECTIVE reserves the right to use fragments of less than 10 seconds of selected video art films for the production of promotional audiovisual material.
11. Creators of the selected short films are committed to provide stills, posters and promotional material and as far as possible, interviews and news for the promotion and dissemination of the video art projects.
12. Confidentiality commitment: KANNIBAL FEST and PERSPICAX COLLECTIVE will use the submitted material only for private viewing. In no way will use it for other purposes nor will broadcast it via physical or electronic means outside the circuit of the event.
13. Commitment of review: KANNIBAL FEST and PERSPICAX COLLECTIVE is committed to reviewing all submitted works.
14. Commitment of communication: KANNIBAL FEST and PERSPICAX COLLECTIVE are committed to communicate the results of the selection to filmmakers of both selected and unselected short films.
15. Acceptance of the requirements: From the very moment you apply to the second edition of KANNIBAL FEST and specifically, the video art program selected by PERSPICAX COLLECTIVE, by submitting your work and application form, you accept all the terms and conditions, as well as the decisions of the organization on what is notified here or in any other matter not foreseen in the terms and conditions.
16. Registration will be completely free and online.