Super 8 techniques

Sunday 23.07.2017

Developing and postproduction techniques direct on the Film

Duration: Aprox: 3H (first part) ; 3H (second part)

First part: Super8 developing

How to put the film in the tank in side a dark room

How to make the solutions to develop B&W negative film (eco friendly)

Washing and drying the film
Price: 80€

Second part: Animation

Basic notions of movement in 24 frames per second

Dividing and creating a time line on 16mm and 35mm

How to draw in the film itself and create nuances of color

This workshop aims for people that want to have their first contact with analogue film. Directed to film makers or artists that look for a noisier and unique image. And more than anything the opportunity to work in a technology that is slowly disappearing.

Price: 80€
The price for doing both parts of the workshop is: 120€


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