9-11.8 Lakeside Film Festival

KannibalFest will proudly present a slection of the best of the Films we got in the last 4 years!

Lakeside Film Festival Vol.6 | August 9th-11th 2019

The Lakeside Film Festival is an open air cinema festival held by a remote lake in the woods outside of Berlin.

The weekend festival consists of three large outdoor cinema stages screening a selection of the latest film festival titles, plus cult classics, psychedelic horrors, stoner comedies, documentaries, and short films.

During the day enjoy a program of live music from great local Berlin bands.

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Tierra Mojada. Colombia- 17min
Dir. Juan Sebastián Mesa
Oscar and his family live in a humble, countryside house threatened by a massive hydroelectric project.
In the face of uncertainty and sorrow at being forced to leave the ground where they were born, his grandparents decide to end it all.

Mexico Recyclers. Mexico / Germany 3min
Dir. Nikki Schuster
Creatures come to life in Mexico ́s hideouts

Sound looms. Mexico- 3Min
Dir. Mariana Rivera & Josue Vergara
Guerrero is one of those states that keep the textile tradition alive and in its communities it is common to see women and girls working with the cotton and looms that their ancestors used and left for generations to come.
These customs inspired the doctoral research “Thread and cloth militants: collective tapestries, visual representations and narratives on social conflicts” by the teacher in Visual Anthropology, Mariana Rivera, work from which the audiovisual material entitled “Sound looms” emerges.

The happiest man. Colombia. 1:30Min
Dir. Mariana Gil
Animation / Documentary
A sound and visual experimentation, that portrays the feelings of the victims of the Colombian conflict.

Un árbol. Mexico- 17min
Dir. Joaquin Arcadio
Arcadio and Camila are two old people who live in a village in the north of Veracruz.
They met sixty years ago, and have been together ever since.

XI A Forca. Brazil- 3min
Dir. Gabriela Monnerat / Rodrigo Amim
Inspired by the music of the album Arcanos. The 11th card is `The strength`

Sin rastro. Mexico- 8:30
Dir. Alberto Hernández
A group of policemen interrogate a group of protesters, but a misunderstanding draw things out of control

Casulos. Brazil- 13min
Dir. Joel Caetano
She just wanted to relax, but something coming from far away destroyed her plans.

We are All Here. Brazil- 19:15min
Dir. Chico Santos & Rafael Mellim
Fiction / Documentary
Rosa was never Lucas. Expelled from home, she must live.
Developed from collaborative writing with residents of Prainha Favela, on the banks of gigantic transactions of the Port of Santos.
Fiction and documentary are in testimonies and scenes interpreted by the own residents.

Sang Papier. Canada- 8min
Dir. Kevin T. Landry
A strange Romanian man trying to enter Canada is confronted by an overzealous custom officer and his curiously cooperative colleague.

11010. Brazil- 1:30
Dir. Gabriela Monnerat y Rodrigo Amim
Ada and Evon live in a town being abandoned. A scenario dominated by artificialities, exchanged by virtual environments. It’s love? Is it a binary code?

Total: 109min