Duka Film Festival

KannibalFest have been invited to participate at the Duka Film Festival, which takes place from the 19th to the 22nd September in Schloss Schönow.

The Festival will include indoor and outdoor screenings, 35mm projection and activities around the cinematic idea of art. Workshops, lectures, live music, physical theatre, interactive installations, parties and there’ll even be a chance to relax in and around the 19th century castle.

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/453268705225501/
Festival Page:

KannibalFest Program:
All Films with English subtitles

Friday 20.9.19. – 20:00

Mirando el Espejo
Mirando el espejo3
Bolivia – 16:30 / Documentary
Dir. Omar Alarcón
A couple of peasants who cultivate the land and the games of some children next to the river evoke, distantly, the memories of the past

Shipibos Konibos: Monkey Men, Fish Men
Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-26 um 16.39.49
Perú – 9:35 min / Documentary
Dir. Roger Neyra
It’s a journey to the profound Peruvian jungle. Takings us to the world of the Shipibo Nation.
The main character, grandmother Alejandrina, shows us her physical and spiritual relationship with the jungle, her sacred connection with Ayahuasca

Mexico recyclers

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-26 um 16.33.05
Germany / México – 6:50min / Animation
Dir. Nikki Schuster
Creatures come to life in Mexico´s hideouts

Trem de Lágrimas

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-26 um 16.41.59
Brazil – 9:20min / Documentary /
Dir. Tainá de Luccas, Francisco Santos
After the tragedy of the mining dam collapse in Brumadinho (Brazil). Through the impressions of women who live in the area, the narrative is riddled with faith, pain and anger.
“Train of tears” depicts the perplexity of a community that had their history wiped out by the toxic mud.


Imam pesmu da vam pevam / I Have a song to sing you

I have a song to sing you
– 5:40 min / Documentary
Dir. Eluned Zoe  & Alesandra Tatic
As a child, Ivanka was chosen by fairy women for the special task of entering the realm of the dead to discover the future.
As an old lady, the spirits have left her, so how does she navigate between the two worlds now?

Germany / Italy
12min / Documentary
Dir. Otto Reuschel
Along with dozens of other young Moroccan boys between 8 and 18 years old, Mohammed lives on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea in the port of Melilla, a Spanish autonomous town on the east coast of Morocco.
Mohammed lives in the hope of one day stowing away aboard a freighter headed for Europe.

Fossil place

1_Fossil place
Argentina – 12min / Documentary/Fiction
Dir. Florencia Levy
Today, humanity became a geological agent with the ability to generate an impact on the planet similar to that of tectonic movements, the collision of asteroids and the eruption of volcanoes; the impact is so profound that probably our existence will be recognized as a layer of different stratification, sometime after our extinction.

We are all here

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-26 um 16.43.09
Brazil – 19:15min / Documentary / Fiction
Dir. Chico santos, Rafael Mellim
Rosa was never Lucas. Expelled from home, she must live


Saturday 21.9.19 – 20:00


Poster Majur
Brazil 20min / Documentary
Dir. Rafael IRINEU
Meet Majur, LGBTQ+, head of communication of a indigenous village located in Mato Grosso, Brazil.
The documentary shows a year of his life.


Syria – 5:50 / Fiction
Dir. Wirad Kaddo
The village’s residents are busy doing rituals to deter the eclipse of the sun thinking that the eclipse will bring them misery and evil… An old woman did not and will not believe their beliefs.

Nothing Pleases like Maltesers
Nothing please like
Hong Kong – 15min / Fiction
Dir. Wong Hiu Ching
We all have our own needs that weren’t fulfilled; desires that are left unsatisfied; and regrets that couldn’t be saved.
We try to find a way out, to get our lives balanced but sometimes we just go a bit crazy.
We look for help.

Caída Libre

Caída libre
Colombia – 14min / Fiction
Dir. Santiago Henao Vélez
From the shadows of Medellin’s sexual secrecy, Jhony, a sixteen-year-old boy, hopes to have a date with the boy he is in love with
Q&A with director Santiago Henao from Medellín, Colombia


Invasão Drag

14_Invasion drag
Brazil – 13min / Documentary
Dir. Rafael Ribeiro
Portraying the emergence of a new generation of drag queens in Rio de Janeiro, from different social classes based on the impact of new technologies on their experiences and seeking more and more visibility in society, Drag Invasion aims to give voice to a culture always left to the political, social and economic representations.


Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-26 um 17.03.23
Brazil – 13 min / Fiction
Dir. Joel Caetano
She just wanted to relax

Sang Papier

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-26 um 16.50.44
Canada – 10 min / Fiction
Dir. Kevin T. Landry
Romanian confronts customs in Canada


Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-26 um 16.44.57
UK – 10 min/ Fiction /
Dir. Ksenia Kulakova
Aggie finally plucks up the courage to confess her love for Jamie and goes to the end of term party full of hope (and a little MDMA).

Sunday 22.9.19 – 14:00

First Block to be confirmed. 52min


House sounds

House sounds

Brazil – 18min / Documentary
Dir. Bruno Ramos
Two brothers from the outskirts of São Paulo are responsible for spreading the Soundsystem culture in the city.
Here they show the difficulties of the system building process and the influences of Jamaican music on their lives.


13- 11010

Brazil – 1:30 / Animation
Dir. Gabriela Monnerat y Rodrigo Amim
Ada and Evon live in a town being abandoned. A scenario dominated by artificialities, exchanged by virtual environments. It’s love? Is it a binary code?

La Puecca

Poster la puecca oficial
– 11min / Fiction
Dir. David Aguilera
A 74 year old farmer call Angel has lost his sow from his ranch, but he has a clue that leads to the main market of the nearest town.





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