Color Grading

Understanding the work of the colorist with DaVinci Resolve


Dates: 24 to 28 July 2017. Limited number of participants
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1 – Introduction:

– What do you grade for: Cinema, Web or TV

– Footage: What is 8bit. 4:2:0. Codecs. Raw. Color spaces

 – Setting up a project: Understanding which are your needs. Preference and settings

2 – Interface / Tools:

– Importing & Conforming XML or EDL

– Scene cut detection

– Nodes

–  Waveform, Vector scopes and histogram

3 – Advance techniques

– Correcting mistakes: underexposure, grain, overexposure, focus, white balance

– Skins tones

– Working with masks and trackers


5 – Extra:

– Avoiding mistakes on Set that are hard to correct

Language: English

Total hours: 12 / 3 pro Tag

Level: beginers with basic knowledge in camera a./o. Post-production

Locations and schedule coming soon