The KannibalFest is a short film festival that was born in Berlin in 2015, creating spaces for distribution and exhibition of independent films and audiovisual content from different regions of the planet.

We are a platform for filmmakers and their works, promoting exchange and cultural dialogue with the public, giving them access to stories that are often not visible.

Berlin being the anchor of each year’s summer edition, the festival has also travelled around different spaces, from Paris to Medellin through Bogota and Brandenburg, offering screenings in alternative spaces, trying to establish a dialogue and digging themes that include Territory, Memory, Migration, the LGBTQ+ Community, Indigenism, Centre-Periphery Relations, Ethnic Minorities, Exploitation of Natural Resources, among others, through fiction, experimental, animation and documentary.
Thanks to the collaborative work with Razzatomica and Kunstrial e.V., but also the support of collectives, organizations and institutions like Mobile Kino, Rodando en Bici, El Kruce, the Latin American Institute, Brot für die Welt, 103 Acres, the Köpi and Proxy Act, the Kannibal Fest could reach out to new environments and new atmospheres enriching its meaning.                                                                         

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Kannibal fighters:::

Julie Peters + Andrés Melendez  + Mauricio Torres + Valery Rojas + Ronald Davila + Diego Gomez

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