8.9 Amazonas in Focus. Wolf Kino

 +++ KannibalFest: Territories +++
8.10.19 – Wolf Kino Studio
Amazonas in Focus.
+ Academic encounter with Rafael Castellanos & María Pinzón
-> “Amazon cartographies. Culture and exploitation”
+ Q&A with director: Tainá de Luccas
(O.V with english subtitles)

19:30 -> Open doors
20:00 -> Panel discussion
20:30 -> Films

The way of Thought
Colombia. 28 minutes. Documentary
Realization: Gaia Amazonas
The route that the shamans or “Traditional” travel mentally, passing through different sacred sites of the territory; for the healing and protection of the world.

Colombia. 10 minutes. Documentary
Realization: Gaia Amazonas
In August 2018, women from the Amazonian ethnic groups of Bará, Tuyuca, Tuhupda and Itano toured the communities of the Tiquié River to work on the recognition of their roles as “food mothers” and life givers and thus strengthen their participation in the government of AATIZOT itself.

Climate Amazon: The forest of today and tomorrow
Brazil. 32 minutes. Documentary
Director: Tainá de Luccas
The documentary focuses on the relationship between the Amazon and the climate through a carefully built narrative that includes interviews with specialists in the area and scientists from some of the most renowned research institutions in Brazil.

21:40 -> Q&A with director: Tainá de Luccas

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