30.7. Griessmühle

21h30: Open doors
22H: Films
Eden. Netherlands. Fiction. Dir: Leendert Roosenbrand
Three clandestine encounters between people who desire to touch and be touched.
All Her Dying Lovers. Germany/Czech Republic. Animation / Documentary. Dir: Anna Benner & Eluned Zoe AianoCzarny
A young Czech woman who, in the face of Nazi occupation, trumps the invaders with her unique form of resistance.
Czarny charakter. Poland. Fiction. Dir: Kuba Gryżewski
Stefan meets a new boyfriend of his daughter. However, he can not accept her choice.
Missão Berço Esplêndido. Brazil. Animation. Dir: Joel Caetano
In the future the government is totalitarian. Our leader is an immortal head in a cyber preserving jar.
Urubá. Brazil. Documentary. Dir: Rodrigo Sena
The spirit world around you passes much more through the third eye than through the physical eyes. The invisible to Luiz’s eyes is not invisible to his spiritual sensitivity.
Divide x 2. Colombia. Experimental. Dir: Andrés Arizmendi
In this feminine encounter we investigate the feeling of duality, division, fragmentation, impulsiveness, debauchery, overflow. We question gender, questioning the language we use to describe ourselves and the way we relate to each other
Nigdy Dobrze. Poland. Fiction. Dir: Paweł Powolny
Who can help, if not the grandpa? How will Wiesław, a former policeman hiding a gun in the cupboard, react to the unexpected idea of his granddaughter who has not seen him much so far?
Magnética. Brazil. Animation. Dir: Marco Arruda 
In a city of drawn characters, an indigenous boy witnesses a holographic appearance. It’s the arrival of an entity of unknown materiality. With a mysterious presence and its exotic allegories, it starts to enchant people, awakening their most insane senses.
Land in Sight. Brazil. Documentary. Dir: Lívia Sá
The film begins with an image of Monte Pascoal, the first spotted land by the Portuguese, moment when the colonization process was initiated and consequently, the extermination of the indigenous people.
has the narration of Leila Rocha Guarani Nhandeva (indigenous leadership of Yvy Katu/ Porto Lindo; Guarani-Kaiowás- Mato Grosso do Sul).

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