5.8. Alte Münze

Thursday- August 5th
20h30: Open doors
21H: Films

Soul River and Black Memories. Brazil. Fiction. Dir: Taize Inácia e Thaynara Rezende
Based on the memories of blacks enslaved on the banks of Soul River, a musical that fables about the most violent process that we, black people, have ever been affected by. Through the force of dance and Afro-Brazilian cultural manifestations, a portrayal of the trauma and the stolen memories of enslavement.

Die Krähe. Azerbaijan. Animation. Dir: Fidan Akhundova
Based on the song „Die Krähe“ from Schubert’s Winterreise. The film is about dealing with personal and archetypal shadows (C.G.Jung) of personality.

Rodzeństwo. Poland. Fiction. Dir: Michał Rakowski
Anne gets up early every day. Tom wakes her with his moans. Caring for a boy is difficult, very demanding and expensive. It is hard for Annie to combine care with work and private life.

L’oeil et la terre. France. Animation. Dir: Louis Tardivier
On a dead land, the last two survivors of a self-destructive civilization, starving-blind-foolish lovers, fight for their survival.


Strong Feather. Brazil. Documentary. Dir: Coraci Ruiz
A doc-poem about the woman’s body: dissident, desiring, deviant, empowered, sweaty, throbbing, survivor. On the scene, four artists who defy standards, subvert standards and poeticize their bodies in acts of resistance and transgression.

Chakero. Colombia. Fiction. Dir: Alejandro Ángel
In San Basilio de Palenque (Colombia), Grandfather Florentino is seriously ill and has gotten worse, his grandson Keyner must tell his uncles who live in Mahates, another town in the area, to go see him before it’s too late. Keyner, without more means to communicate, welcomes the ancestral tradition of the chakero and becomes a messenger who brings the news to his family.

El Intronauta. Colombia. Animation. Dir: Jose Arboleda
In a world saturated with media information, EL escapes to a fantastic space thanks to his ability to draw. Through his drawings, a plant emerges from the cracks of the city, but the social order wipes it out, motivating him to become El Intronauta, an inner space navigator.

January On The Road. France. Experimental. Dir: Agnès Gatelet
Born from the meeting of cities I crossed, people I met on my way, and the common desire to create together.
For a year the artist Agnès Gatelet and the association “Danser vos murs” have been organizing performances in public spaces around the world, mixing professional and amateur, dance, video music theatre, plastic art and writing.

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