29-30.8 Schloss Schönow

Our 3rd Screening 2020 will take place in September 10-13!
In cooperation with DUKAproduction and Proxy Act
Join us in Schloss Schönow for a 3-days camping film festival 🏕Informations & tickets below.
You’ll be able to watch following programm:

Êles –Dir. Roberto Burd // Brazil // Fiction
Synopsis: Gabriel is spending the summer at his beach house and his parents work in the city.
While Dona Ida gives her life to the family, they keep their past for tomorrow.

13ème Ciel / 13th Heaven –Dir. Aurélie Bozzelli // Germany // Documentary
Synopsis: Victorine has a new clitoris. Excision is repaired. She discovers her sexuality, her pleasure, she fully assumes her desire.

Nazif –Dir. Efe Akercan // Turkey // Fiction
Synopsis: Nazif wants to “grow up” as soon as possible. His days are spent helping his father with chores. His father wishes Nazif to become a “man”, Nazif wishes it too. However, in his own way.

Exquisite Corpse –Dir. @Radu Pop // Romania // Animation
Synopsis: The game of random chance that is external influences is what defines us as people.

The Unborn –Dir. Christian Cornejo // Mexico // Fiction
Synopsis: Chiapas mountains, México 1997. Francelli and Mariana are indigenous women who fight for the sake of their people but in a peculiar way. One cloudy morning the future of both will change in a most radical way.


UNTITLED#1 / 无题#1 –Dir. Rafaël Artworks // Hong Kong // Experimental
Synopsis: “I have to mention that since there is no photograph or portrait confirmed to be of this Queen, no one knows what she looks like.
She has no face.”

Invisible Women –Dir. Pablo Cruz Villalba // Mexico // Fiction
Synopsis: Hipolita works in Samuel´s house. Her growing class-consciousness and the invasion of her privacy lead Hipolita to take control of her work and her life.

— …die bringen nur die Verbrecher weg –Dir. Hamze Bytyci // Germany // Animation
Synopsis: “They only take away the criminals”, Zilli Reichmann’s father thought when the Nazis arrested the first Sinti and Roma. Because he was wrong, the 95-year-old Sintizza tells her story today. She tells of the murder of her daughter and family in the gas chambers of Auschwitz, her struggle for survival and the meaning of life after the Holocaust.

Veo, veo –Dir. @Tania Cattebeke Laconich // Paraguay // FictionSynopsis: During the Paraguayan civil war of 1947, a girl from the red party establishes a friendly relationship with a boy of the opposing party.

– Mata Tântrica –Dir. @Gabriela Monnerat & @Rodrigo Amim aka ONZE // Brazil // Animation
Synopsis: Wet nature and tropical moans.

Objectif Lune — Dir. Jimmy Grassiant // France // Fiction Synopsis: France, 1969. In order to be adopted, 12 years old André is transferred by the authorities from the Reunion Island to France and placed with Jean, a lonesome farmer living in the contryside. But André is not an orphan. His mother is waiting for him to come home for summer holidays; right behind the moon.

Naboba — Dir. Amado Villafaña // Colombia // Documentary
Synopsis: Water is male and female. Water has a soul. Water should be treated like a living being. And according to the Arhuaco, an indigenous people that inhabits the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the water is returning to Mother Nature because it is hurting from so much abuse.