Saturday- September 11th
19H30: Open doors

Hierba mala. Mexico – Fiction. Dir. Carlos Trujano
Pedro’s mom has just died, the reason that makes him go to Luvina in search of Tanilo, who recites the dead people’s messages in verse. Hierba mala, wild to the death, wants his powerful partner and murderer to be avenged, risking the child’s life, who, between whispers and bullets, only wishes to accomplish his mother’s last will.

The Mountain Man. Brazil – Documentary. Dir. Raysa Leite and Octavio Sampaio
Have you ever imagined living without a road? Five rivers along the way, mud, and lots of brush. And without light? No refrigerator, electric shower, internet or television. So imagine going through all of this completely alone. This is the drama faced by Wilson Tancredo, the Mountain Man.

Sara Mama, Sacred Seed. Peru – Documentary. Dir. Collective
In the Peruvian Andes, a Quechua boy shows his special relation to Sara Mama (Mother corn) and reveals the knowledge within its productive cycles.

Rasga Mortalha. Brazil – Animation. Dir. Thiago Martins de MeloBreak
Comes from the legend of the owl “Suindara” – much told in the folklore of the North and Northeast of Brazil – to address the socio-political urgencies of the country. It is believed that the appearance of its white figure, followed by the wild cry – which resembles the sound of a cloth being torn in half – carries with it the sign of death.

Helena 25/65. Poland – Documentary. Dir. Joanna Różniak
Helena is a mature woman whose only real company is her grey cat. When she goes to her doctor’s appointment, the ensuing day out in town provides opportunities for contact with other people, though this is usually fleeting and insignificant. Helena takes pleasure in observing others, getting intrigued by snippets of their stories that she witnesses.
It might seem like this is enough for her, but an unexpected event interrupts her routine and forces her to reflect on the life she’s living.

We Are All On The Same Bus. Portugal -Fiction. Dir. Nuno Serrão
Dancing on a bus makes a metaphor for the arrow of time and the concept of the observer in quantum physics.

Tehran Recyclers. Germany / Austria / Iran.Animation. Dir. Nikki Schuster
Portrays the diverse cultural, social and urban fabrics of this city by means of experimental animation. In the urban hideouts of this city little creatures come to life. These are digitally composed with collected waste from the streets and typical local products. The clatter of the limbs of these creatures interacts with the soundscapes of Tehran.

Mother Dear. Poland – Fiction. Dir. Zuzanna Sorówka
Superficially, Marianne has everything arranged, neat and easy. Under the influence of a certain call, hidden questions and doubts start to mess up with her head.

Loop. Colombia – Fiction. Dir. Juan Francisco Pérez Villalba
A man must use a time machine to save his own life, taking the risk of getting trapped in a time paradox.

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