22.8 Alte Münze

20H Open doors
Molkenmarkt 2, 10179 Berlin
20:30 Films

 Soma / Slovenia – 9:00 / Animation

Dir. Sandra Jovanovska

Synopsis: Situated in a strange, trashy universe, the story revolves around two people; a taxidermist and a butcher. The butcher gets the taxidermist hooked on his drugs, which he offers as an alleged cure. The taxidermist becomes a junkie and gives away his forgotten love to the butcher in exchange for more drugs. After realizing what he did, he goes to take what belongs to him, but the path ahead is a one-way journey.

Portraits of my mother / Mexico / Germany – 11:00 / Documentary

Dir. Tavo Ruiz

Synopsis: This is a very personal documentary that talks about my mother and the moment that changed her life. Through her narrative my mother confesses to me what she remembers of the moment when she was raped as a child, reflecting on child sexual abuse and the scars this event leaves on a person’s life.

AL-NUJUM (Las Estrelas) / Western Sahara / Uruguay – 2:14 / Fiction

Dir. Sid Ibrahim & Diego Soria

Synopsis: At the saharauis’s refugee camp two youngsters meet by chance and talk about how lifetime is fleeting and the urgent need to make our dreams come true.

The Pipe / Palestina – 10:00 / Fiction

Dir. Sami Zarour

Synopsis: The Pipe explores the concept of imprisonment, and what it really means to take away someone’s freedom. It’s an experience of solitary prison that goes beyond the walls of a cell, for a prisoner is not always the one confined by walls.

Mata Tântrica / Brazil – 2:30 / Animation

Dir. Gabriela & Rodrigo aka ONZE

Synopsis: Wet nature and tropical moans.

Pendeja / Mexico – 9:09 / Fiction

Dir. Sebastián Torres

Synopsis: Graciela must receive 7,000 pesos for one month’s salary at Mrs Pia’s home, instead her boss gives her 90 pesos.


Aardbei / Netherlands – 17:00 / Fiction

Dir. Leendert Roosenbrand

Synopsis: In a smudgy hotel at the end of the world, guests and employees meet fate. Fate is an old woman sitting in the lobby behind a slot machine. Indifferently she pushes the buttons and lets the images decide between life and death.

Bacabinha do Jaú / Brazil – 9:00 / Documentary

Dir. Tainá de Luccas & Francisco Santos

Synopsis: Immersed in the rivers and forests of the Brazilian Amazon, hundreds of kilometres away from any city, we meet Mr. Bacabinha do Jaú, an artist who lives alone on his boat. In this film, we shared the daily life, stories and sensibility of Bacabinha, who “does not get sick, does not die and does not get old”.

Sour Lake / Colombia / Ecuador – 14:40 / Documentary

Dir. Andrés Dávila

Synopsis: From the name given by the Texaco Oil Company to a recondite village of the Amazon, “Sour Lake” explores the confluences, disagreements and geographical, social and imaginary movements arose throughout the Ecuadorian jungle and the Colombian Andes.

The Internal Bleating / Brazil – 15:00 / Fiction

Dir. Eder Deó

Synopsis: The Internal Bleating (O Balido Interno) tells the story of Joana, an herb seller who owns a peculiar pet. The goat is the pivot of a struggle between she and her neighbour of fair hut. Through metaphors, The Internal Bleating brings on questionings when it shows intolerance borders disguised as many acts in society.