15.8 Opening. Køpi

★ KannibalFest Berlin ★ OPENING
International Shortfilm Festival 🎥
Documentary ★ Animation ★ Experimental ★ Independent Cinemas★

(COVID restrictions apply, please see bottom of the post for details)

Date: SATURDAY 15.08.20
Venue: Köpenicker Str. 137. 10179
First come first served!!!
Limited Seats

Open Doors: 18:00
Dj Set
Paokarpa (80’s, glam, punkrock)
Ronald Davila (D&B)
Screening: 21:30 – English subtitles▼▼▼


Na zdrowie! / Slovenia – 4:45 / Animation

Dir. Paulina Ziółkowska

Synopsis: Warning: Contagious! Germs fly around wildly in the hustle and bustle of urban life.
You stand next to the wrong nose, and it happens in a flash. You can even get a dose during an innocent flirt with your potential sweetheart.
And what happens if you keep on infecting yourself?

Not Your Ordinary Sister / Germany – 4:19 / Fiction

Dir. Masa Zia Lenardic & Anja Wutej

Synopsis: This Mocumentary is a queer satire which, in a witty yet direct way, addresses both the startling popularity of lesbian vampire films as well as the lack of proper representation in queer cinema on the subject of queerness within the conservative and patriarchal religious organisations (lesbian nuns / lesbian ex-nuns).

Epirenov / Argentina – 15:00 / Animation

Dir. Alejandro Ariel Martin

Synopsis: Epirenov is the last inhabitant on Earth. He monotonously walks around the empty desert in search of pieces necessary to build a partner. In one of his usual tours he discovers an artifact that will
change his world.

Socorro / Brazil – 5:00 / Documentary

Dir. Francisco Santos & Lygia Pecora

Synopsis: The Socorro district would be destroyed in just 3 minutes with the rupture of the dam. The embankment gave way and the impending disaster was touted by the media. We entered the ghost town on the day scheduled for the break.

Dilan / Colombia – 3:25 / Documentary

Dir. Pilar Suescún, Christian de la Espriella & Laura Ardila

Synopsis: In November 2019, several popular demonstrations took place in different places from Colombia. Claiming for social justice, the people turned to the streets and in response, the state forces exceeding their functions, abused their power and strength. This short film is a collective creation that rescues the and memory of Dilan Cruz, killed by ESMAD on November 23, 2019.

Lightless Girls / Brazil – 18:20 / Documentary

Dir. Isabela Aleixo & Karla Suarez

Synopsis: What is it like to be a woman teenager in a prison? ‘Lightness Girls’ brings a look at the experiences, and visions of girls who committed crimes at ages of 12 to 21 years old in Rio de Janeiro
and comply sentences in a detention centre.

Chiara / Brazil – 2:17 / Animation

Dir. Caroline Grigato

Synopsis: Chiara is a girl who lives with her cat. Tired of suffering sexual abuses, she decides to take
revenge in a brutal way.


Rupture / Canada – 10:00 / Experimental

Dir. Kent Tate

Synopsis: By and large humans tend to create narratives about themselves then often make great effort to conform reality to that narrative. This was not a threat to planetary survival 10,000 years ago when we were scattered in small bands worshipping local deities and relying on nearby gathered foodstuffs with only stone tools. It is quite another thing when we are packed into mega-cities with nuclear weapons and ambiguous connectivities, along with relationships imbued in instruments that far exceed an individual’s capacity to fully comprehend or to reliably navigate our various systems.

Bogue / USA – 3:30 / Experimental

Dir. Santiago Echeverry

Synopsis: The House of Tupamaras is a group of Voguing performers based in Bogota, Colombia. They are professionally trained dancers that chose to break from the norm and explore the queerness of their bodies and their everyday self-expressions to turn their art form into a political tool, questioning the double standards of Colombian society. They create impromptu happenings, choreographed dances, kiki balls, etc., and have performed on stage with renowned groups such as Pussy Riot, among others. This series of prints and videos seeks to capture the Tupamaras’ attitude, athletic musculature, and spunky personalities.

Antônia / Rotten Faith / Brazil – 9:18 / Fiction

Dir. Flávio Carnielli

Synopsis: Interior of Brazil, 19th century. After losing their daughter and their grand-daughter to chickenpox, an elderly couple decide to abandon their beliefs and take a drastic measure against what they consider a divine injustice.

La Llorona / Mexico – 4:38 / Animation

Dir. Adriana Ronquillo

Synopsis: “La Llorona” is a symbolic art piece to raise awareness for feminicides in Mexico. This hybrid animation film experiments with innovative creative resources in order to communicate with beauty and dignity, the fight of many families that have lost women who were involved in this situation. It was made in collaboration between Mexican animator/filmmaker Adriana Ronquillo and her team, La Furia Estudios with the music ensemble from the Netherlands, Snowapple.

Tungrus / India – 12:00 / Documentary

Dir. Rishi Chandna

Synopsis: Tungrus is a shortfilm that observes a week in the peculiar lives of a middle-class household in Mumbai, which turns topsy-turvy when the eccentric patriarch brings home a baby chick for his cats to play with. The once adorable chick has survived his early days and grown into a tyrant, wilful bird forever taking up too much of their space and generally making life in the apartment unlivable.


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– Please respect the 1.5 m spacing.

– All seats are spaced 1.5 m from each other, in groups of 2. Some chairs can be moved to make up groups of 3 (for visitors of the same household) or single. Please ask for help if this is your case.

– We kindly ask you to use a mask when entering the cinema (including queue), when approaching the bar, to go to the toilet and on your seat. Unfortunately, without mask we will not allow you in. A mask in you seat is not compulsory but we kindly ask you to wear it at all times.

– We will ask you for your name and email at the entrance. This will be used to identifying and keep track of all visitors to one particular screening. In case someone who attended ends up testing positive to COVID-19 this information can be passed on to the health authorities if requested. This is part of the official governmental guidelines. This information will be kept for 1 month from the date of the screening.

– According to our Hygiene concept, we have reduced our screening spaces to a third of capacity. Please come early!!!!