International Short Film Festival 2019Berlin

Fiction + Documentary + Experimental + Animation


11.9 Prinzenbad Kino

★ Open-Air Film Evenings at Summerbad Kreuzberg ★
KannibalFest presents a Short Film selection from our 4 years in Berlin.
Swim into the jungle of Brazil and Peru, the streets of Mexico and the fantasy of Czech Republic, UK, Colombia, Canada & Germany.
Perfect to close this amazing summer.

Mobile Kino x Prinzenbad | Open-Air Film Evenings at Summerbad Kreuzberg

19 – 22.9 Duka Film festival

KannibalFest have been invited to participate at the Duka Film Festival, which takes place from the 19th to the 22nd September in Schloss Schönow.

The Festival will include indoor and outdoor screenings, 35mm projection and activities around the cinematic idea of art.
Workshops, lectures, live music, physical theatre, interactive installations, parties and there’ll even be a chance to relax in and around the 19th century castle.

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KannibalFest Program
All Films with English subtitles


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Duka Film Festival / Wolf Kino

Curuwinsi Cine, Trash Exploitation, Galería Selva Invisible, La Sandía Digital, Poll Pebe Pueyrredon




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